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The Truckee/Tahoe Alliance for the Musical Arts was formed in 1988 by musicians involved in the Truckee Actors Guild production "Celebration '88". After the TAG show, the musicians wanted to create an organization dedicated to creating musical shows for local musicians.The very first performance for the fledgling organization was a fundraiser for the family of Rick Emily, a local restaurateur who died in an accident at his home in Truckee. Held at the Bar of America in Truckee, the tremendous support and response from the community at the rock and roll dance party gave T.A.M.A. members the encouragement to attempt a larger, more formally arranged production. T.A.M.A.'s first major production, 1969 A Night at the Fillmore in March 1989, was a great success. As a result T.A.M.A. was asked to play at Sand Harbor during the North Tahoe Fine Arts Council's summer music festival as the opening act for John Mayall and the Bluesbreakers.

In the years that followed, T.A.M.A. also opened for Leon Russell and Nicollete Larson. T.A.M.A. was been a thriving, successful, local music organization throughout the 1990's and early 21st century. With an original group of about 30 musicians, T.A.M.A. grew to include over 100 members. Membership in T.A.M.A. was free, rewarded by participation in a production. Members donated their time and effort and members were not paid to participate. In the Spring of 2006, T.A.M.A. made a decision to finally "hang up its spurs" and retire from active performances, leaving a legacy of scholarships behind.

T.A.M.A. has been retired since then. As with any great bands, you never know when they'll show up again, but for now, the ride is over. Thanks for all the great support over the years. 

T.A.M.A.'s legacy lives on, however, as it has been continuing to award annual scholarships to graduating seniors from the Tahoe Truckee Unified School District who plan to continue studying the musical arts in college. The scholarships are given in memory of two local musicians, Sandy Leinegar and Gary Cisco, whose memory and love of music lives on through the students T.A.M.A. supports. Even though T.A.M.A. exists only in the hearts and memories of the community, it continues to live each spring when it awards another scholarship to a deserving student of the musical arts.
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